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Huntley Head-On Collision Kills One Driver, Injures Another

Huntley head-on collisionOne driver has been killed and another has been injured in a Huntley head-on collision between a sedan and a pickup truck.

Huntley Head-On Collision Under Investigation

The Huntley head-on collision occurred on the early morning of February 8, 2021. At approximately 5:25 a.m., a 27-year-old man from Carpentersville was driving a 1999 Acura TL sedan northbound on Illinois Route 47, north of its intersection with Regency Square Parkway, when he collided head on with a 2016 GMC Sierra pickup truck traveling southbound.

Shortly afterward, police officers and emergency personnel reported to the scene of the Huntley head-on collision, which reportedly took place in the southbound lanes of Route 47. The Acura’s driver, who was the lone occupant of his vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other driver, who was the sole occupant of the pickup truck, was transported by ambulance to Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital. The driver’s condition was unknown.

The Huntley Police Department and Kane County officials are investigating the cause of the Huntley head-on collision.

Head-On Collisions Frequently Deadly

When two vehicles hit each other head on, their respective velocities may combine to produce an especially powerful impact, one that could inflict serious injuries or even death. For this reason, a disproportionately high number of fatal traffic incidents involve head-on collisions. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute found that about 10.2 percent of total driving deaths occur in incidents with head-on crashes, even though these types of collisions are only featured in 2.3 percent of auto accidents.

There is a higher fatality for head-on collisions because the relative speed of the vehicles is significantly greater. For example, a head-on collision between two vehicles moving at 50 miles per hour is equal to one vehicle crashing into a stationary object at 100 miles per hour, resulting in a far more devastating impact.

Car Accident Lawyers Fighting for Injured Victims

While the injuries inflicted by head-on collisions are often extreme, obtaining full and fair financial compensation for them can prove challenging. As in any successful auto injury claim, the injured party in a head-on crash needs to prove negligence on the part of the other driver.

But because the sheer force of the impact from two vehicles colliding head on can send them spinning off into different directions, they frequently come to rest in positions that do not reflect the nature of the crash. Consequently, establishing liability in a head-on collision is often more difficult. In certain cases, a forensic scientist or an accident reconstruction specialist might need to be called in to determine exactly what happened based on physical evidence.

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