Injury Cases and Discount Fees?

The current state of our economy has had a terrible effect on lawyers: thousands of real estate and banking lawyers have lost their jobs, many recently graduated lawyers have found it impossible to find jobs, and many small law firms have seen their traditional sources of business fade away. Attorneys are resourceful and always look for ways to make a living. This unprecedented economy has made many of these lawyers turn to the personal injury and workers compensation business in an attempt to make a living. Recently we have seen some of these desperate attorneys advertise discount fees in an attempt to lure injured clients.

It is true that you get what you pay for. Discount fees generally mean discount service and discount results. It is very expensive to properly prepare a personal injury or workers compensation case for trial. It is this preparation that helps us get the fantastic results that we get for our clients hiring the best expert witnesses and taking the required depositions to maximize the value of your case takes money and we are not afraid to spend it to properly represent our clients. We have seen many unprepared attorneys in our years of practice: sometimes it is the attorneys lack of experience, sometimes it is their lack of ability, and sometimes it is just their lack of resources that forces an attorney to accept short money for a clients case. A client may think he or she is getting a great deal by saving a couple percent on a fee, but this line of thinking may actually cost untold amounts of money when the discount lawyer is unable to maximize the value of the case.

At GWC we have many great trial lawyers who, earlier in their careers, practiced at firms that did not have the resources we have at GWC. Many of these trial lawyers who have joined our firm tell us the same story: practicing law the GWC way truly makes a difference for our clients. Having the resources to properly prepare a case makes a difference. Having 33 experienced trial attorneys who practice as a team makes a difference. Having access to the best expert witnesses, doctors, and investigators makes a difference. Having the reputation we have earned at GWC makes a difference. They all agree that practicing law at GWC has made them better lawyers and has enabled them to give better service and get better results for their clients.

Learn what our attorneys have learned from practicing law at GWC. Become part of the GWC family.We will make a difference.