Is Responsible Driving Preventing Collisions?

As the snow begins to thaw in Illinois roadside construction projects will slowly get underway. Although pothole repair and bridge work are an annual occurrence, many drivers will still fail to drive responsibly in construction zones.

Irresponsible driving behaviors are a primary contributing factor to the large number of construction zone crashes which occur in Illinois and around the country every year.

Avoiding a construction zone accident is most effectively done by practicing safe driving behaviors including:

  • Slowing down so you can respond to abruptly stopped traffic or walking construction workers.
  • Never texting while driving and remaining focused on the road at all times.
  • Getting behind the wheel only when completely sober.
  • Driving while well-rested, especially at night.

One Illinois man faced a variety of charges last fall for causing a deadly construction zone accident while driving drowsy and possibly intoxicated on Illinois 159 in O’Fallon, IL.

Authorities say that the man was under the influence of diphenhydramine (an anti-histamine), Meprobamate (a sedative), and Ambien when he fell asleep at the wheel on May 22 and rammed into a construction zone, killing a 38-year-old construction worker and injuring three others.

The driver is from a town outside of Mt. Vernon called West Frankfort. He told reporters investigating the crash that he fell asleep and that he did not remember the accident. It is unclear what role, if any, the man’s sedatives played in his crash.