GWC Obtains $625,000.00 for Jewel Slip and Fall

GWC attorney Timothy J. Keiser has obtained a $625,000.00 settlement for a Villa Park woman who slipped and fell in a Jewel grocery store.

Puddle In Jewel Produce Section

On the date of the incident, the plaintiff, a 43-year-old wife and mother of four, was shopping in the produce section of a Jewel grocery store in Villa Park, IL. Before her arrival, asparagus had been placed in ice and stocked in a flat cart near a display corner. Neither the display nor the cart had a waterproof lining.

When the ice surrounding the asparagus began to melt, it created a puddle of water approximately seven inches in diameter on the surrounding floor. As the plaintiff approached this area, she slipped and fell onto both of her knees.

Plaintiff Sustains Multiple Knee Injuries

The plaintiff sustained multiple knee injuries as a result of her Jewel slip and fall. Specifically, she suffered blunt force trauma to both knees, which aggravated previously surgically repaired cartilage in her left knee.

After pursuing a conservative course of treatment to resolve her persistent left knee pain, she ultimately underwent total left knee replacement surgery.

GWC Establishes Jewel’s Liability

The woman retained GWC Injury Lawyers as her personal injury attorneys. The firm filed suit against Jewel, alleging that it had allowed a dangerous condition to go unremedied, despite all Jewel employees being responsible for safety in the store.

While seeking justice for their client, GWC was able to establish the following:

  • Jewel had notice of the accumulation of water in the produce section. Various employees, including the Safety Captain, had witnessed the accumulation at least fifteen minutes prior to the client’s fall.
  • Jewel created a hazardous condition. A produce employee stocked the cart with ice before it melted and formed a puddle. Water on the floor is a recognized hazardous condition at Jewel.
  • Jewel and its employees have an obligation to their customers to fix any potential slipping hazards from water on the floor in the produce department. The store maintains cones, drying powder, and other materials that can be used to remediate spills, none of which had been applied before the client slipped.
  • The client lacked comparative negligence. The Safety Captain had no criticism of her behavior, acknowledging that she was doing what Jewel expects customers to do – look at the produce they are trying to purchase.

“Notice and liability were not credibly in dispute,” said Mr. Keiser. “Had Jewel employees taken basic steps to fix an obvious hazard, our client would not have been injured.”

Thanks to Mr. Keiser’s excellent deposition work, GWC was able to obtain a $625,000.00 settlement for the client following a mediation before the Hon. William Gomolinski (Ret.).

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