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Metra Electric District Train Kills Worker

A 36-year-old worker was killed when a Metra Electric District train hit and killed him around 1:30 p.m. The accident happened near 47th street.

Authorities say that the man was a trackman who had been working for the company for about a dozen years. He was working with a maintenance crew at the time of the fatal train accident.

The entire Metra family is deeply saddened by this tragic incident and the loss of one of our own, a company spokesperson said.

Officials are still investigating what exactly caused this fatal workplace accident.

Train accidents are one of the most complicated areas of personal injury litigation and can implicate both state and federal law. Thorough investigation is required when a person is injured by a train to identify all potentially liable parties.

Entities that can be held liable in a train accident case include railroad companies, municipalities and other companies involved in the manufacturing, operation and maintenance of train tracks, crossing and locomotives.

Wrongful death involving train accidents typically requires the assistance of a law firm which is experienced in workers comp and wrongful death litigation and has resources necessary to thoroughly litigate a case against well-resourced train companies and municipalities.

Source : NBC Chicago, Metra Worker Hit By Train, Killed , July 5, 2013