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More Pitbull Attacks In Chicago Suburbs

A 30-year-old man was recently injured after a dog attack in Ridge Park. Authorities say that the man was attacked by a 26-year-old relative’s pit bull and had to receive a dozen stitches for his 10 puncture wounds.

Dog bites are one of the most common and most preventable types of personal injuries. Dog bites can be easily prevented through responsible ownership including proper dog training and the use of leashes.

The failure to properly train and control an animal can cause serious injuries and even death in many cases. Many suburban Chicago cities are attempting to stop serious animal injuries by instituting strict monitoring programs for vicious animals.

Authorities in Park Ridge ticketed the 26-year-old owner of the pit bull that caused the attack. Multiple citations for the same dog could cause the city to intervene.

Another pit bull occurred in Naperville causing a 13-year-old boy to be rushed to a hospital to receive treatment for bites to his arms. The teen was at the home to visit a friend who lives there but the friend was unable to stop the dog from barreling past him and attacking his friend.

“It was a horrifying experience, and as far as I could tell unprovoked, and I won’t soon forget that boy’s screams,” a nearby neighbor told the Sun Times. “I am more concerned about that dog. I think it should be put down, or at the very least removed from the home. It would be a big relief to know the dog is gone.”