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Nursing Home Workers More Likely to Lose Jobs After an Injury

Bandaged-HandAccording to new research, nursing home workers are twice as likely to be fired from their jobs within six months of being injured.

Investigators from Harvard, Boston University and Portland State University analyzed employee data from 30 different New England nursing homes. The original goal was to analyze employee polices regarding workers safety, health and well-being.

The results were startling. Nursing home workers who were injured on-the-job were twice as likely to lose their jobs within six months, while those with more than one injury were more likely to quit within six months.

Additionally, workers were most at risk for injury within the first months of employment. This quick turnover rate could raise opportunities for repeated injuries when injured workers begin again at their new place of employment.

Previous research also indicates that the problem may be more common for women than men as the study focused mostly on female workers.

The results indicate an increased risk of being let go from a job, yet the data does not account for specifics regarding why employees lose their jobs.

A Need for Greater Workplace Protection

The findings may reveal that, although state and federal regulations are meant to protect employees from being discharged after an injury or to give employees recovery time, certain nursing home facilities may not follow these regulations.

While it is unclear why injuries at work contribute to loss of employment or quitting, the study should help raise awareness about the issue.

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