GWC Obtains $1.25 Million for Car Accident Victim

GWC Partner Joseph P. Sorce and attorney Geoffrey E. Jacobs have obtained a $1.25 million settlement for a young woman who was severely injured in an Oak Brook car accident.

Hip Detachment in Rear-End Collision

In November 2016, GWC’s client, who was 22 years old at the time, was at a complete stop behind three other vehicles at the intersection of 31st Street and Route 83 in Oak Brook, IL. At that time, another driver acting in a commercial capacity collided with the rear of her vehicle, forcing her to crash into the vehicle directly ahead of her.

As a result of this incident, the client suffered detachments of the entirety of the superior labrums of both hips. After more than a year of conservative medical treatment that included oral pain medications and physical therapy, she underwent a right hip arthroscopic surgery, followed by a similar left hip surgery less than four months later. These procedures included an arthroscopic labral repair with the use of sutures and anchors, an acetabuloplasty, a subspine decompression, an iliopsoas bursectomy, an iliopsoas fractional lengthening, capsular plication, and a femoroplasty.

GWC Conveys Full Extent of Damages

While liability was not contested in this matter, GWC was tenacious in pursuing the greatest possible compensation for the client.

Because the vehicle that struck her was being used commercially, the firm identified and went after all of the potentially at-fault parties in order to uncover the full extent of the insurance coverage that may have been available. Mr. Sorce and Mr. Jacobs also worked to present the long-term impact of their client’s injuries, particularly in light of her age.

“This was an active 22-year-old woman who enjoyed hiking and other recreational activities,” said Mr. Sorce. “Now, she often finds herself having trouble with something as simple as climbing stairs, which is understandably frustrating.

“Moreover, our client is going to require routine follow-up care and may be at increased risk for future hip replacement surgeries and impairment,” he added. “All of this could come at a significant financial and personal cost.”

By conveying the full extent of her damages, Mr. Sorce and Mr. Jacobs were able to obtain a settlement of $1.25 million on behalf of their client.

Fierce Advocacy for Car Accident Victims

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