GWC Obtains $200,000.00 Settlement for Oak Brook Car Accident

GWC attorney Lawrence J. Amato has obtained a $200,000.00 settlement for an injured woman and her husband following an Oak Brook car accident.

Collision Results in Injuries, Loss of Consortium

On March 28, 2017, GWC’s client was driving westbound on Butterfield Road in Oak Brook, IL, when she came to a complete stop for a red light at the 22nd Street intersection. The driver immediately behind her then negligently failed to keep a proper lookout, reduce her speed, and come to a complete stop, and she collided with the rear of the client’s vehicle.

As a result of this incident, GWC’s client sustained various injuries, including a laceration over the left eyebrow and trauma to the neck and upper back. The associated pain and loss of mobility made it difficult for her to care for her young child. To treat her injuries, she required stitches, medial branch block and epidural injections, and a course of physical therapy.

During her period of recovery, her husband, who had to take over as the household’s primary caregiver, suffered from significant loss of consortium, the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship to an injured person’s loved ones.

Skillful Deposition Yields Large Settlement

In seeking to obtain full and fair compensation for GWC’s clients, Mr. Amato conducted a skillful deposition with the Defendant driver. During this deposition, he was able to get the driver to admit under oath that she was looking out of her side window rather than focusing her attention on the client’s vehicle immediately prior to the incident, that her actions were dangerous, that she failed to adhere to the rules of the road, and that she was at fault for the crash.

“By her own testimony, the Defendant was entirely responsible for the incident that harmed my clients,” said Mr. Amato. “There was no way that the Defense could dispute liability.”

Based upon the strength of the case presented by Mr. Amato, the Defense agreed to settle this matter for $200,000.00 – $180,000.00 for the wife and $20,000.00 for her husband – without deposing any of the wife’s treating physicians. This prompt resolution saved both time and additional expense, translating into a significant net benefit to GWC’s clients.

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