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The Average U.S. Vehicle is 11.5 Years Old

traffic-jamDespite the technological advancements that Google and other automakers are making with autonomous and hands-free technology, studies show that most Americans are still driving older vehicles. A recent study by IHS Automotive, shows that more and more people are holding on to their cars for longer, with the average age of U.S. vehicles now at 11.5 years old.

These older vehicles can pose a much greater risk for auto accidents than newer, better built vehicles. As Chicago’s go-to auto accident lawyers, we have years of experience representing the injured and can guide you through the legal process no matter the type of accident.

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According to the numbers released by IHS, there are now more than 257.9 million registered vehicles on the roads. That is a two percent increase over the previous year. In the last decade since IHS first started tracking the numbers, the number of registrations has been on a steady incline.

Thanks to improvements in vehicle quality and the tightening of belts during the most recent recession, Americans are holding onto their vehicles for longer. The average ownership length for a new car is nearly 6.5 years, while the length of ownership for a used car is five years.

Although there is no set expiration date for when you should stop driving a vehicle, there is a significant difference in the safety features offered in older and newer vehicles. Drivers should avoid driving vehicles that do not have side curtain airbags or electronic stability control.

Because of the advancement in vehicle safety features in the last decade, todays cars can handle a car accident much better than older cars, so drivers should practice extra caution when driving an older vehicle.

If an accident does occur and results in an injury, our experienced team of auto accident lawyers can help you get the compensation that you deserve.