Petite Lake Water Tubing Accident Kills Libertyville Boy

Children are enjoying the last few weeks of summer in a variety of ways, including going to the many lakes near Chicago. The increased numbers of youngsters on local lakes means that the likelihood of recreational water sporting injuries has also increased. One such incident recently made national news after a 10-year-old Libertyville boy was killed while tubing on Petite Lake, approximately 20 miles northwest of Waukegan.

Authorities say that the boy suffered traumatic personal injuries when he fell off of a water tube being pulled by a boat across Lake Petite last Saturday. Upon falling, the boy was hit by another boat on the lake.

The emergency response to the lake was made possible by 911 tracing the location of the phone used to call 911. “We received a report at 4:39 p.m. of a water incident on Petite Lake,’ Antioch Fire Department spokesman told the Chicago Tribune. “The very nature of the waterway makes it sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact location of where it is.”

Bystanders who saw the accident also rushed to the hospital and found the boy.

Two other individuals were also injured and taken to local hospitals. Their names, ages and possible relation to the boy were not released to the media for privacy reasons. Their injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening.