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Recent Article Confirms Troubling Trend For Workers

When economic times in America get tough, one undeserved group always gets caught up in the negative attention: labor. In a January article , the New Yorker pointed out a growing anti-labor sentiment in America. As the article discussed, sixty percent of Americans surveyed in a recent poll stated that Unions had too much power. The article also mentions the fact that, currently, only seven percent of private sector workers belong to unions. The anti-labor movement in America is no accident; it is the product of years of deception by Big Business who has convinced America that labor is at the core of our economic problems. This is a tactic to put more money in Big Business hands at the expense of workers, medical providers, and taxpayers in general. It is no coincidence that while this anti-labor sentiment has picked up steam and while union membership has dropped, income inequality in America has risen.

All Illinois workers should keep in mind that a strong union presence is important for both union and non-union workers because labor unions have traditionally maintained a strong lobbying presence on behalf of all workers in Springfield. For example, labor unions are essential in efforts to fight business-lobbying efforts to dismantle workers compensation laws that favor employees. The more unions lose membership, the greater the probability of workers losing workers compensation benefits. A worker who develops work related injuries like carpel tunnel, herniated lumbar and cervical discs, meniscal knee injuries, Rotator Cuff Tears and more-will want to ensure their benefits are not reduced and they want to make sure their families will not suffer because of a work-related injury. Therefore, it is imperative that all workers have a strong lobbying presence in Springfield.

Since its inception, the workers compensation attorneys at GWC have lobbied in Springfield to keep Workers Compensation benefits intact. Recently, GWC was instrumental in blocking proposed changes to Illinois workers compensation laws. Our future efforts to prevent laws that adversely affect workers, however, could be thwarted if labor unions lose the power to lobby with us in Springfield.

What should workers do to keep their benefits intact?

1. VOTE wisely.

2. Communicate with your representatives before they vote on anti-labor legislation

3. Ignore the rhetoric that Labor is a problem in America. 4. Encourage union membership among your fellow co-workers. Union or non-union, all workers will lose out if they fail to stick together.