Semi Truck Crash

Semi Truck Crash Involving Seven Vehicles on Eisenhower Leaves One Dead

Semi Truck CrashA semi truck crash involving seven total vehicles on the Eisenhower Expressway has left at least one person dead, according to authorities.

“Completely Burnt Up”

On March 2, 2018, at approximately 2 p.m., a multi-vehicle crash involving four passenger vehicles and three large semi trucks took place on the inbound Eisenhower Expressway at St. Charles Road in west suburban Elmhurst, IL. The semi truck crash caused significant damage. Cell phone video taken by a passing motorist seconds after the accident showed crushed cars and black smoke. Two cars were reportedly “completely burnt up,” according to another eyewitness.

All inbound lanes on the Eisenhower Expressway were expected to be closed until early the next morning so that workers could remove debris from the scene of the semi truck crash.

At least one person was killed in the crash. That person’s identity is being withheld until the next of kin can be notified, according to the Illinois State Police.

One driver was reportedly taken to Loyola Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Two other drivers were taken to Elmhurst Hospital, also with non-life threatening injuries. All other drivers were treated at the scene.

The National Transportation Safety Board is reportedly dispatching a team to investigate the circumstances of the semi truck crash.

Semi Truck Crashes Especially Devastating

Automobile accidents are sadly an everyday occurrence. There are more than two million crashes in the United States each year, including over 35,000 fatalities in 2015 alone. With small vehicles, many of these collisions are “fender benders,” resulting in little visible damage and minor or no injuries. With large semi trucks, however, there are no such things as “fender benders”: even “small” collisions can cause big damages.

A semi truck crash can be especially devastating for a very simple reason: the size of the semi trucks themselves. Large semi trucks are 40 or more times heavier than the average vehicle on the road. Because of its sheer weight, when a large semi truck crashes into a small vehicle, even at relatively low speeds, severe injuries can result. These may include broken bones, amputation of limbs, brain damage, paralysis, and even death.

Challenges of Semi Truck Crash Litigation

Pursuing litigation for injuries you sustained in a large semi truck crash is no easy task. Even if a commercial truck driver is responsible for a crash, it does not prevent that driver’s insurance company from arguing the opposite. Namely, that you were at fault, that you had ample time to avoid colliding with this very large road hazard. This potential evasion of responsibility is compounded by the fact that, unlike most vehicles, semi trucks are very often not owned by the drivers themselves, but rather by the commercial transport companies for which they work. These multimillion-dollar companies have vast resources available to fight these cases, and years of experience doing so, all to make sure that they pay you as little as possible.

A semi truck crash is also more complex than most motor vehicle accidents because of how many parties may be involved. In addition to the truck driver, and the commercial transport company for whom he or she works, there is very often another company that hired the commercial transport company to ship its goods, and possibly even other companies still. It is therefore highly important that all parties who are potentially at fault for a semi truck crash are identified and pursued within the time limited by law. Failure to go after the responsible parties in a timely fashion could forever bar you from obtaining the financial compensation you deserve.

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