Soccer and Baseball Players Hazed at Maine West High School

When we send our children to school we expect that they will be in a safe environment, nurtured by their teachers and coaches.

While this is most often the case, occasionally a bad teacher or coach crosses the line and acts or allows someone to act in an inappropriate way. We are all familiar with the Jerry Sandusky case and have read about teachers who have had sexual relations with students, but the sexual hazing by members of the Maine West High School soccer team is especially disturbing. The thought that our childrens teammates would perform such a heinous act pales in comparison to the thought that their coaches would allow and participate in a ritual of sexual hazing of new members of the varsity soccer team.

While a lawsuit had originally been filed on behalf of one of the victims of this sexual abuse, it appears that there may be many other students who have been abused by sexual hazing at the school. In fact, the Chicago Sun-Times reported today that an additional three plaintiffs have joined the original lawsuit against the Maine Township schools.

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