Spike In Construction Worker Deaths Raises Concerns GWC

Construction worker deaths are sadly a common occurrence in Chicago and around the country. One of the most recent fatal construction accidents happened this week in New York after a construction site collapse in Brooklyn on Monday.

The New York Post reports that the accident happened shortly after 9 a.m. at a brownstone construction site. A beam gave way under the weight of the construction workers and sent them crashing down with bags of cement and cinder blocks. Two workers were sent all the way to the basement of the building.

Construction workers at the site said that they noticed the building starting to give way as cement was being delivered to the top of the building.

“When he [the supervisor] saw the building shaking he was trying to stop the guy,” one construction worker said, adding that the cement lift operator was unable to stop putting the cement on the unstable rooftop.

“The floor was not structurally stable to be able to handle the load and the five workers,” a local inspector said.

In addition to one fatality, another worker was rushed to the hospital in serious condition and another suffered a severe back injury.

In another recent accident, a construction worker died in Ohio after being hit by a car in an Interstate 90 construction zone near Avon. Apparently a two-car crash this morning sent one of the cars into the construction site, hitting the worker who was putting up tarps.