Steps To Take When Dealing With Insurance Companies

It’s a bright sunny Chicago day and you are driving with your friend, enjoying a day on the town. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, another car runs a stop sign and whacks your side door, knocking your car across another lane. You are lucky to not hit any other cars following the car accident. You get out to speak with the other driver and to inspect the damage, which is considerable to both cars. All passengers appear to be okay.

When the insurance adjuster arrives, they take photos and talk to all parties. In a gesture of concern, the adjuster asks how you are feeling. You are about to answer, but wait! You remember this good advice from your Chicago personal injury attorney: Don’t talk to the insurance company about your injuries; speak only with your own attorney.

The main reason why you have been cautioned about not talking to the insurance company about your injuries is because they do not work for you. Their only goal is to reduce expenses for their insurance company. They may act and appear to be kind and concerned, but remember that only your attorney will represent your best interests. If they can get you to admit on the scene that you feel just fine, that statement may come back later in a potential personal injury case to haunt you.

Do not set yourself up for more trouble when you try to collect for damages after a car accident. Speak only with your personal injury attorney. The accident scene is not a time to be polite and overly chatty. Less is more when it comes to talking about a traffic accident, unless a plaintiff is talking with a trusted lawyer.

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