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Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween-SafetyThe spookiest holiday of the year is only days away! Keep your children safe this Saturday by implementing these Halloween safety tips.

If youll be out on the roads this Halloween, be sure to take it slow, especially in residential areas and at intersections. Keep your headlights on even during dusky hours so you can better see any pedestrians. As you pull in and out of driveways, be slow and look carefully for children who may be crossing. While common Trick-or-Treat hours range from 5:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M., be aware that children may be out before or after these times, so continue to pay extra attention as you drive throughout the evening.

Adult Supervision

  • Children ages 12 and younger should always Trick-or-Treat with an adult.
  • Older children who Trick-or-Treat without parents should always stay in groups, and stick to well-lit and safe areas.

Traffic Safety

  • Only cross streets at crosswalks or at the corner.
  • Look left, right, left before crossing, and continue to monitor the street as you cross.
  • Always walk across the street, do not run.
  • Always use pathways and sidewalks when available. If you must walk on the street, walk toward the direction of traffic while staying as far to the left side of the street as possible.

Costume Safety

  • To increase visibility after dark, wear lightly colored costumes when possible. Add reflective tape to costumes and accessories.
  • Always wear costumes that are the right size. Loose or baggy clothing can cause falls.
  • Instead of wearing a mask, utilize face paint which wont have the potential to block your childs vision.
  • Children and supervising adults should wear glow sticks or take a flashlight when Trick-or-Treating.

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