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GWC Obtains Settlement Worth Over $919,000 for Union Operating Engineer

GWC partner Michael D. Fisher and attorney Autumn K. Leslie obtained a settlement worth over $919,000 for a union operating engineer who suffered a hip injury at a construction project. The settlement included a complete waiver of the worker’s compensation lien, which totaled $189,000.

Negligence of Owner and General Contractor Injures Union Operating Engineer

In November 2019, GWC’s client, a 27-year-old union operating engineer, was working on a jobsite in Willow Springs, Illinois when he tripped and fell while stepping over a silt fence in muddy conditions. GWC filed suit against a large pipeline operator for its failure to identify hazardous conditions and activities.

GWC also filed suit against the general contractor of the project for its failure to provide safe access in and around the jobsite without requiring workers to step over the silt fence that caused the Plaintiff’s fall.

Significant Injury Requiring Surgical Repairs and Work Restrictions to Engineer

The Plaintiff sustained a torn labrum in his left hip and aggravated the underlying impingement in his left hip, necessitating surgery and taking him out of work for nearly a year.

Defendants Claim Incident Is Client’s Fault

Both defendants insisted that they acted reasonably in identifying hazards and claimed that the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff were his own fault for choosing to step over the silt fence.

“While the defendants conceded nothing, we were able to show, one witness at a time, how their failures directly caused our client’s fall,” said GWC partner Michael D. Fisher.

Testimony Supports Plaintiff

Leading up to the date of Plaintiff’s fall, extensive efforts were made on a daily basis by various workers to remedy muddy ground conditions on the jobsite.  “Defendants testified that there were alternative routes available, however, when workers who were at the job site on a daily basis testified that there were no alternative routes for the work our client was doing without stepping over that slit fence, it became clear that this in incident was inevitable and defendants were going to need to pay,” said Autumn Leslie.

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