GWC Obtains $365k Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Union Painter

Union Painter
Donn P. LaHaie

GWC attorney Donn P. LaHaie recently obtained a $365,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for a union painter.

Union Painter Hurt Performing Duties of Job

In 2012, Mr. LaHaie’s client was performing the duties of his job as a union painter when he seriously injured both of his knees. After conservative methods of treatment failed, he had multiple knee surgeries. Surgical intervention, however, was also less than a complete success. Despite the surgeries, and the extensive course of physical therapy he underwent, the painter’s injuries prevented him from returning to his previous position.

Wage Differential Benefits Increase Settlement Value

Because of his inability to return to his former job, the client took part in vocational efforts to find a new profession. In light of the fact that the new job would likely pay less, Mr. LaHaie argued that his client was entitled to wage differential benefits to compensate him for the earnings he would lose over time. The employer disagreed, taking the position that wage differential benefits were unwarranted and that Mr. LaHaie’s demand was excessive.

To resolve the parties’ dispute, Mr. LaHaie scheduled a pre-trial conference at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The employer argued that it should have to pay no more than the cost of an annuity from which the client would receive reduced weekly benefits for the period required by law – an amount that was approximately half of what Mr. LaHaie was seeking.

Mr. LaHaie countered with an argument that it was in the employer’s best interest to agree to a larger lump sum settlement to properly address his client’s future lost wages. Ultimately, he persuaded his opponent that wage differential benefits were merited, and negotiated the $365,000.00 settlement with the employer. This amount was far greater than the employer’s initial offers, according to Mr. LaHaie, who added that his client was “very pleased” with the end result.

The Difference a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Make

If a worker is unable to present the full extent of the damages caused by a work injury, both physically and economically, that worker may not receive fair compensation. The case of the injured painter demonstrates what a difference an experienced attorney can make in the value of a workers’ compensation claim. For this reason, if you have sustained a work injury, consider seeking out the services of the Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers.

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