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West Loop building collapse

West Loop Building Collapse Site Torn Down

The remains of a partial West Loop building collapse have been torn down, as Chicago officials blame unpermitted work for the incident.

Structure “Shifted”

The partial West Loop building collapse took place on the morning of Aug. 12, 2021. At approximately 9:30 a.m., bricks began falling from the roof of a three-flat residential building at 1227 W. Jackson Boulevard in Chicago, IL. Shortly afterward, the entire structure “shifted,” avoiding complete collapse only by leaning against a neighboring apartment complex at 1241 W. Jackson Boulevard.

Emergency responders from the Chicago Fire and Police Departments assisted in evacuating tenants and neighbors, while technicians from People’s Gas were able to shut off service to the building by 2:30 pm.

Demolition crews tore down the remains of the West Loop building collapse the following day. No injuries have been reported, and no personal injury attorneys have filed suit yet.

West Loop Building Collapse Blamed on Full-Gut Rehab

The Chicago Department of Buildings blamed unpermitted work for the West Loop building collapse, asserting that the owner was engaged in a full-gut rehab without city approval. At least one person who spoke to CBS Chicago claimed that work on the building had been going on for weeks prior to the incident.

“The building owner was completing a full-gut rehab without any plans or permits,” said Department of Buildings spokeswoman Mimi Simon. “While performing work in the basement, the foundation was compromised, causing the collapse. DOB will hold the building owner accountable and will ensure the building and the surrounding area are secured and kept safe.”

Simon directed all questions about the West Loop building collapse to the owner, Mariusz Florek. The building, which was originally constructed in 1879, was last inspected by the Department of Buildings in 2012. Florek received a citation for a code violation at that time.

Building Collapses Frequently Result in Injury

While residents appear to have escaped the West Loop building collapse unharmed, these types of incidents frequently result in serious injury and sometimes death.

Every year, there are approximately eight building collapse disasters worldwide, resulting in an average of 343 deaths. Each building collapse disaster kills an estimated 38 people, though some building collapses may be far deadlier. For example, 98 people died in the Surfside condominium collapse in Florida in June 2021.

Helping Building Collapse Victims in Illinois

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