Worker Suffers Severe Cut At Wicker Park

A construction worker was seriously injured in the Wicker Park recently after he was cut in the chest with a saw. The accident happened at the 1600 block of North Milwaukee Avenue and it is unclear what progress the construction worker is making in his recovery.

Cuts and amputation injuries are unique in construction accidents because the recovery process is often much shorter in the case of an amputation than for burn, brain and spinal cord injuries. The extent of the damage after an amputation is often clear but a severe cut often results in lingering psychological trauma and permanent physical disability.

Amputation injuries are some of the most common types of workplace injuries that spark investigations by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA regulators cited Cortland’s Kishwaukee Forge Co. for several safety violations earlier this year after an Illinois worker suffered a thumb amputation.

The worker’s thumb was cut off because a forging machine foot pedal was inadequately guarded.

“Kishwaukee Forge has the responsibility of ensuring that its employees are properly protected from known workplace hazards such as unguarded machinery,” said Kathy Webb, OSHA’s area director in North Aurora.

The proposed OSHA fines totaled $75,200.