GWC Earns Favorable Settlement in Workers Compensation Case

Workers-Compensation-SettlementGWC Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce a favorable settlement of more than $550,000 in workers’ compensation for one of our clients who was injured while on the job.

After several years of tough negotiations with the respondent, our attorneys prevailed and were able to attain the level of compensation that our client needed to cover his medical expenses.

Our client was a carpenter in Illinois, when in 2007 he slipped off of a roof as he was carrying building materials on his shoulder. The fall caused significant injury to his shoulder and required multiple surgeries.

Unfortunately, his employer was unwilling to pay for medical treatment and temporary total disability (TTD) benefits despite the fact that the fall and injuries happened while the carpenter was at work. The employer believed that the level of treatment that was required was unrelated to his fall.

In order to get the compensation that he greatly needed to cover his medical expenses, the carpenter hired GWC Injury Lawyers. Through an emergency petition for back pay benefits and prospective medical treatment, we took the case to trial.

A hearing was held in 2009, and after arbitration, our client was awarded all of the TTD back pay as well as compensation for past medical treatment. The employer appealed the decision, which was later upheld by the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. The carpenter was awarded $161,616 including compensation for future medical treatment.

After several years of medical care, the carpenter was finally released from treatment in 2011, but he was no longer able to work as a carpenter.

Because the value of the prospective medical treatment from the first payment was significantly less than the actual cost of treatment that was required, our attorneys resumed negotiations with the respondent to get the carpenter the payment he needed.

After several months of negotiations, the case was finally settled for an additional $393,000.

GWC Injury Lawyers is pleased that after several years of hard work and stiff negotiations we were able to get our client the compensation he needed for his injuries.