GWC Obtains Settlement Worth $2.5 Million for Family of Deceased Union Electrician

Daniel H. Streckert

GWC Injury Lawyers partners Daniel H. Streckert and Joseph P. Sorce have obtained a settlement worth $2,500,000.00 for the family of a union electrician who was killed while performing construction work at a west suburban high school.

Electrician Suffered Electric Shock, Fatal Fall

On July 27, 2014, a union electrician was standing on a ladder installing overhead lighting as part of the erection and construction of the second floor of a high school in Naperville. The electrician’s employer had been hired by the general contractor in charge of the construction project to complete electrical work.

The electrician suffered a shock while installing the lighting, which caused him to fall from the ladder to his death. He left behind a widow and four minor children.

Failure to Use Lockout-Tagout Device

Joseph P. Sorce

GWC filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district and the general contractor in charge of the project. Mr. Streckert and Mr. Sorce argued that both parties created an unsafe working environment – specifically by failing to use a lockout-tagout device.

“A lockout-tagout device is designed to make sure that an electrical circuit is turned off, and stays off, during the performance of electrical work,” said Mr. Streckert. “The man was working on an electrical circuit, and it should have had a lockout-tagout device installed to keep him from being electrocuted. Unfortunately, it did not.”

GWC argued that by not ensuring that a lockout-tagout device was in place to prevent electrocution, both the school district and the general contractor failed to maintain a safe working environment, which they were legally obligated to do for the electrician. Because they did not do so, he was killed.

Large Settlement for Survivors

Despite the defendants’ attempts to place the blame for the accident on the deceased electrician, Mr. Streckert and Mr. Sorce were able to argue persuasively on the family’s behalf for the merits of its wrongful death lawsuit. The parties involved collectively agreed to settle the matter for $2,250,000.00.

GWC also convinced the deceased’s employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier to waive its lien on the case, which added up to $250,000.00. This waiver meant a net gain to the survivors of $2,500,000.00.

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