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Is your employer intentionally violating your rights as a worker

Wage and Hour ViolationThe wage and hour violation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers are currently helping Illinois workers who are not being paid for time worked or who are being underpaid for the hours that they have worked.

Our experienced employment law lawyers are currently reviewing cases in which employees have been misclassified, are not being paid for overtime, or are not being given appropriate breaks at work.

Workers are protected by labor laws from the federal government and the state of Illinois, both of which require employers to pay fair wages.

Employers who violate these laws must be held accountable. Our labor attorneys can help. If you suspect that your employer is failing to pay all the wages for which you have worked, contact our law firm today.

Wage Cases We Handle

You know you are not being paid and you may suspect that your employer is intentionally violating your rights as a worker. You do not have to remain silent.

Our aggressive attorneys have been getting justice for clients for more than 40 years.

We will explain all of your rights and obligations as an employee and walk you through the employment law process.

In Illinois, there are certain labor laws that provide a higher level of protection for workers than federal labor laws.

The Illinois Department of Labor administers the Illinois Minimum Wage Law and works to ensure that employers properly compensate employees.

Legal cases in which employers fudge hours worked and deny overtime pay can be very difficult to handle without the help of an experienced law firm.

Employers cannot punish workers for making wage and hour violation claims under federal and state laws. If an employer does retaliate, the employee will have another claim for employer retaliation. Employers who retaliate may be subject to civil, criminal and financial penalties. Additionally, workers can sue to be rehired after being fired.

We handle cases involving:

Minimum Wage Violations Overtime Pay Independent Contractors Unpaid Wages & Back Pay
Non-Exempt Workers Overtime Pay for Union Workers Domestic Workers Employer Retaliation
Comp Time Pre-Shift & Post-Shift Compensation Employee Vacations Day Laborers and Undocumented Workers


Though you might not have to take legal action to obtain the wages and compensation to which you are entitled, it is sometimes necessary to file a lawsuit in order to get your boss to take you seriously.

Common Illinois Wage and Hour Violations

In Illinois, there are specific labor laws that protect workers. Employers are required to compensate hourly workers and to pay them overtime when they have worked more than 40 hours in a week.

Additionally, minimum wage for tipped employees requires employers to make up the difference between the tips of restaurant workers and the minimum wage. However, many employers simply shift the hours around or conveniently forget to bring restaurant employees up to speed.

Another common violation and one of the easiest ways to underpay employees is to keep poor time records. Speak with an attorney if there is no streamlined way to check the hours that you have worked or if the hours you have worked do not match your time slip numbers.

It is possible that your employer is using poor records to avoid paying you all your wages. Do not be afraid to ask questions about your compensation if you see discrepancies.

Also, employers often misclassify workers to avoid paying minimum wage or overtime pay. By attempting to make workers either independent contractors or managerial employees, employers may attempt to skirt labor laws.

Wage and Hour Violation Damages

In some cases, employees may be entitled to years of back pay for unpaid wages plus interest. Employers are not allowed to retaliate against workers who make a claim about wage violations.

Illinois has tough laws that protect workers from exploitation. In addition to requiring back pay for unpaid compensation, the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act also requires employers to pay:

  • Damages equaling two percent of the back pay for each month
  • Court fees
  • Penalties up to 20 percent of the back pay
  • Penalties for delays

In some extreme cases, employers have been jailed for intentionally failing to pay overtime benefits. The penalties and damages that are awarded can be substantial depending on how long the employer has been engaging in the violation.

Only an experienced Illinois wage and hour attorney can tell you what type of damages may be available in your specific case.

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