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Highly-Skilled Chicago Uber Accident Attorney

Chicago Uber Accident Lawyers Helping Those Injured in Ride-Share Accidents

Uber, a ride-sharing platform, has revolutionized transportation in the Chicago region. By using mobile devices to book a car for hire, customers have the ease of receiving a ride in just a few minutes. This eliminates the need to wait for a taxi or any other form of transportation, thus saving time.

Uber’s popularity has grown, but, unfortunately, so have accidents involving Uber drivers. These accidents may occur due to driver distraction or negligence.

Pursuing Your Legal Options

If you’re injured in an accident with an Uber driver, you have legal options. Our Chicago rideshare accident attorneys can pursue legal claims against drivers as well as a company. With our nationally recognized law firm, we fully understand the specific liability and insurance coverage matters pertaining to Uber. We are fully equipped to passionately advocate for your right to compensation.

Uber Accident Victims are Entitled to Receive Compensation for the Injuries Sustained in the Accident

Uber, deemed a technology provider, doesn’t have to follow the same rules as other transportation companies or car services. To this point, Uber rideshare drivers may not receive specific training on passenger safety. Nor are they obligated to regularly have their vehicles inspected.

By positioning itself as a technology provider, Uber can evade responsibility. It allows them to attribute any accidents resulting from driver negligence to the individual drivers, thus avoiding liability.

The specific insurance and liability coverage challenges associated with Uber can complicate the personal injury claims process for accident victims. Uber has an insurance policy in place. It offers coverage when drivers are involved in an accident while they are being compensated to transport passengers. In certain cases, the driver’s personal insurance policy takes precedence over Uber’s company insurance.

A skilled Uber accident lawyer in Chicago can help fight for a victim’s right to recover compensation. This compensation may come from both the driver’s and the company’s corporate insurance policy.

What to Expect Working with a Dedicated Accident Attorney – Uber Accident Compensation

Once the legal responsibility of the driver has been established, typically through documented proof of their negligence, the process moves forward. The injured party will then file a claim for compensation.

To prove a driver’s legal liability for causing an accident, it must be shown that they had a duty of care towards the victim. It must also be proven that they failed to fulfill this duty. Additionally this failure must directly result in the accident and subsequent harm.

Some Uber drivers exhibit negligent behavior, such as speeding, which puts other drivers at risk. Others may be occupied with their mobile device and incapable of focusing on the road. If a driver’s negligence leads to a collision and injury, they may be held liable.

An Uber accident lawyer in Chicago can assist in this process. Additionally, as a corporate defendant, Uber ridesharing service may be found at fault for the conduct of their driver.

A Successful Uber Accident Claim Can Potentially Recover Compensation For:

  • Medical bills related to the accident
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, consortium, or companionship
  • Disfigurement or physical impairment

Uber Accidents Cause a Broad Range of Injuries

Injuries sustained in an Uber accident can range in severity depending on the intensity of the crash. People involved in the accident may suffer from broken bones, muscle injuries, brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. Consulting a medical specialist may be necessary to ensure adequate coverage for current and future medical expenses.. An experienced Uber accident attorney will arrange for this, as well as assisting in gathering all relevant medical records.

Discuss Your Case with a Chicago Rideshare Accident Lawyer for Uber Accident Claims

At GWC Injury Lawyers, we help victims and their families secure the compensation they deserve after an Uber accident. Whether the accident was a rear-end collision or a side-impact crash, we have the tools to conduct an investigation into what happened. Furthermore, we ensure that all responsible parties are held liable.

For an opportunity to consult with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer, call us at 312-999-999 or reach out online. We offer free consultations.