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When a Chicago worker is injured, he or she is usually entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover all reasonable medical expenses related to an Illinois worker’s illness or injuries that are sustained on the job or due to his or her work. Employers and their insurance companies provide these benefits and cannot pass workers’ comp costs on to employees.

Unfortunately, many companies and insurers were able to successfully lobby for new workers’ compensation laws that are designed to reduce the benefits that Illinois workers receive. There are many common traps that workers often fall into that limit the full amount of their recovery.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers have represented injured Illinois workers since 1977 and obtained more than $2 billion in benefits on behalf of our clients. We represent more union workers, including members of the Boilermakers Union, than any other firm.

The Boilermakers Union: Representing a Diverse Range of Workers

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers is an AFL-FIO-affiliated union that represents workers in North America across a large variety of fields. Although all members of the union may refer to themselves as boilermakers, many work in non-boiler-related professions such as:

  • Industrial construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding and marine repair
  • Railroads and transportation
  • Quarrying and mining work
  • Cement kiln-related work

The Boilermakers Union strives to help its members improve their employment conditions by negotiating and enforcing labor contracts. The Illinois boilermakers are represented by the union’s Great Lakes section. In addition to having several geographic sections, the union has seven divisions that meet the needs of particular industries such as rail and construction.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Boilermakers

Although the Boilermakers Union represents a large array of workers, one common theme in all of the represented professions is that they involve potentially dangerous building trade or manufacturing work. Even the best-run building and manufacturing operations experience mishaps that can severely harm workers. The legal team at GWC Injury Lawyers specializes in representing Illinois workers in the building trades.

Our dedication and superior resources are why we are the top Illinois workers’ compensation law firm for union members. You can arrange a free consultation to discuss your workers’ compensation case by calling us at 1-800-392-7637 or emailing us.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers have represented Illinois workers since 1977. We have recovered more than $2 billion in compensation on behalf of our clients because we have the skills and resources to help resolve workers’ compensation claims efficiently.

Our attorneys are routinely asked to come speak at local union chapters about the workers’ compensation process and workers’ rights. Workers’ compensation can be a complex area of law, and there are many traps written into Illinois workers’ compensation law that can result in injured workers losing their rights to recover benefits.

We actively seek to educate union members regarding their workers’ compensation rights so they do not unnecessarily forgo any workers’ compensation benefits to which they may be entitled. GWC attorneys handle workers’ compensation cases involving all types of Illinois union members, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

IBEW Members Belong to Many Trades

A wide array of Illinois workers are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The IBEW represents about 675,000 workers nationwide in a variety of fields, including utilities, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, broadcasting, railroads, and government work.

The IBEW strives to improve working conditions for all of its members. All IBEW chapters are run democratically and work to help employees negotiate collective bargaining contracts that cover issues such as wages, time off, and workplace safety.

Representing Injured IBEW Workers in Workers Comp Cases

Many of the workers that the IBEW represents work in building and manufacturing trades. There are many serious workplace injuries associated with accidents in these trades, including broken bones, amputation, spine injuries, and brain injuries. Although the majority of workers’ compensation cases do not involve catastrophic injuries, it is still important to consult with an experienced attorney who is capable of handling your workers’ compensation case in a diligent and thorough manner.

The legal team at GWC Injury Lawyers has years of experience representing injured union members, including members of the IBEW.

Our lawyers and large support staff have the financial resources to get your case into court as quickly as the law allows. Smaller firms cannot make this claim. To arrange a free consultation regarding your case, contact us online or call 1-312-464-1234.

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