GWC Lawyer Obtains Over $500,000.00 in One Month While Working Remotely

GWC attorney Raul V. Rodriguez has obtained over $500,000.00 in workers’ compensation settlements in a single month despite the challenges of working remotely.

Large Settlements for Multiple Clients

Mr. Rodriguez secured significant settlements for multiple clients during the month of March, including the following:

  • $346,919.00 for a union electrician. The client suffered a lower back injury while he was lifting a frozen manhole cover. He underwent two lumbar fusion surgeries and ultimately ended up with a medium-level work restriction. Mr. Rodriguez was able to get him significant compensation and a set-aside for future medical expenses.
  • $122,087.15 for a window washer. The client sustained an inoperable lower back injury while lifting a ladder, which also aggravated his degenerative disc disease. The employer disputed the extent of the injury, but Mr. Rodriguez was able to get the client a large settlement despite the fact that he was working at a minimum rate of pay. The settlement included compensation for forty percent loss of use of the man as a whole and 102 weeks of Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits that the employer had initially refused to pay. Additionally, the employer will pay over $27,000.00 in disputed medical bills separate and apart from the settlement amount.
  • $89,323.86 for a regional customer service manager. The client sustained a back injury while trying to stop a pallet that had taken off when he and a co-worker were unloading it. He then underwent a three-level surgical fusion, but he fortunately ended up with a full duty release and returned to work in a similar field with a different company. Nevertheless, Mr. Rodriguez obtained the client a significant settlement for his work injury.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for the legal profession, requiring a minimum of in-person appearances and a maximum of remote work,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “Nevertheless, GWC has continued to stop at nothing to get our clients the greatest compensation possible for their injuries.”

Fighting for Injured Workers in Illinois

Workers in Illinois are entitled to certain benefits under the law when they get hurt on the job. However, very often they may still find themselves fighting with employers and insurance companies who do not want to give them what they are owed. At times like these, injured workers might find that they could benefit from the counsel of the workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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