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$5.1 MILLION Settlement For Construction Accident GWC Law

The construction industry is well-known as one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. There are huge machines, live electrical wires and heavy moving equipment plus heights and the possibilities of falling.

Normally when a Chicago construction worker is injured on the job, the worker would collect Illinois workers’ compensation benefits until the time he or she could get back to work. In some instances however, the injured worker suffers extensive damage or believes there was negligence involved. In those instances, the worker could pursue civil litigation.

In 2005 a construction worker was injured in DuPage County when a load of lumber fell from three stories and struck the man on his head. Although it wasn’t reported, one would assume that the worker was wearing a hard hat or the head injury could have been fatal.

The head injury was extensive however and caused Alzheimer-like symptoms similar to those suffered by NFL players who have multiple concussions. The 56-year-old construction worker from Orland Park suffers from memory problems and the inability to learn new skills. It has affected the rest of his life, and as a result he sued the construction site general contractor and a sub-contractor.

The evidence presented in court was able to be offered due to recent NFL brain injury studies. Two doctors who conducted neuropathological studies on former NFL players’ brains testified on the construction worker’s behalf, offering their insight into the brain injury he suffered.

The case was set to go to trial when the injured construction worker accepted a settlement of $5.1 million. Although the settlement is significant, the worker may have preferred to have his brain working normally.

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