Amazon Driver Disobeys Stop Sign, Kills Chicago Resident

Attorneys for the family of Telesfora Escamilla intend to file a lawsuit against the driver of a delivery van that killed this woman on December 22, 2016.  The fatal accident occurred at approximately 3:30pm in the afternoon 3 days before Christmas.  The driver of the delivery van, Valdimar Gray, was driving a large delivery van delivering packages for  The van operator was traveling, according to witnesses, westbound on 28th street intending to turn left on Drake Ave, at which point in time the driver disobeyed the stop sign, turned left and struck Escamilla who was walking in the crosswalk during one of her routine daily walks.  The injuries proved fatal despite a good Samaritan who came to her rescue and administered CPR while waiting for the ambulance to come and attend to the injured woman.

“This case is another example of the devastating effects of careless drivers who are either guilty of distracted driving which causes them to not comply with the requirements of the Illinois motor vehicle code and some basic, common sense driving skills, or who are simply irresponsible and willingly violate traffic laws to suit their own selfish purposes.  At this point in the investigation, it is premature to say what the cause of this driver’s fatal maneuvers were. But we know the tragic impact that his conduct has had on this wonderful matriarch of the Escamilla family,” according to family attorney Louis C. Cairo of Goldberg, Weisman & Cairo, Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois.

Apparently, a major issue in the case will focus on the employment relationship between industry giant,, and the driver who was delivering packages for the behemoth company.  Apparently, Amazon may have tried to create a tenuous thread between its corporate assets and its careless and negligent motor vehicle operators in an attempt to insulate the corporation from civil liability.  This is based upon the fact that in its publicized statement, Amazon spokesperson, Kelly Cheeseman stated that they were investigating the incident with the “delivery company” representative.  So it appears that the corporate defenses are aligning with a position that the large commercial van with the large AMAZON placard on the side that struck and killed Telesfora was NOT an Amazon truck being driven by an Amazon employee. In fact, the driver was ticketed for not having insurance on the van.  Shocking in this day and age.

“What is most disturbing in this situation, is that Amazon posted to the international press that it delivered one billion packages this Christmas season.  The implication is that AMAZON delivered the packages, but it seems that the defenses will begin to surface in an attempt to insulate the corporation for this incredibly negligent driver’s fatal mistakes.  It is just another heartless attempt to avoid corporate responsibility in the face of an indefensible act of negligence by a driver whose work activities are integral to the overall operations of the company’s billion dollar business.  We will focus our efforts to prove that AMAZON is the corporation responsible for this beautiful woman’s death, and this loving family’s grief and sorrow,” stated Cairo.

“My siblings and I are absolutely outraged at the fact that our mother was taken from us in such a terrible way.  The thought of mom lying in pain on the icy cold street a few days before a blessed holiday that she loved so dearly, is just a thought that is too terrible for us to even think about.  Our thanks and prayers go out to the man who came to her aid and tried to keep her breathing while the paramedics were on their way.  This stranger’s love of humanity, to aid our mother, is a shining light in this dark, dark day for us,” stated Gloria Escamilla.

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