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What You Might Not Have Realized About Calling A Law Firm

Imagine youve just been injured in accident, whether it be at work or on the road. After all, these things happen every day. Youre ready to call an attorney from the GWC office, but youre a little frazzled. Some people, especially first-timers, avoid making the call altogether because they are nervous and dont know what to expect. To put your mind at ease, here are a few things that you might not have realized about calling a law firm.

The first person you will speak to is probably going to be either a receptionist or intake specialist. This person will take your general information and refer it to the appropriate attorney. At this time, you might or might not end up speaking directly to a lawyer.

They will ask to see any and all proof that supports your claim. This doesnt mean a neck brace or cuts. Proof that holds up in court includes photos, medical records, reports, or other documents.  Hold on to these.  In order for questions from both sides to be answered, its best to have it all handy when calling a law firm.

For your advantage, GWC has actual office locations in more than one city. This makes it easy for you to call and visit personally. That being said, when calling a law firm like us, make sure youre dialing the proper city for your location. When in doubt, you can refer to our toll-free number.

If for some reason we decline to represent you, it doesnt mean your claim isnt valid. Cases are rejected for various reasons. The topic might be out of our field. Maybe you need a different type of lawyer. Maybe more documents are needed. Its possible you might have even misunderstood, and we just needed more information. Dont give up. You deserve justice.

We acknowledge some people just dont like using the telephone. You have other options. You can email us through the case evaluation form on our website. We also offer live people to chat about your case. Remember, all of our consultations, no matter which method you choose, are free. Keep the law offices of Goldberg, Weisman, and Cairo and Personal Injury Attorney Michael Goldberg in mind when dealing with any injury.