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Rahm Emmanuel Proposes Red-Light Camera Countdown Clocks

Rahm Emmanuel, Chicagos Mayor, announced on Jan. 29 2015, that he would embrace a plan proposed by senior alderman to install countdown signals at red-light cameras across Chicago. The senior alderman argued that rear-end accidents could be avoided because motorists would know how much time the had left and could avoid slamming on the breaks.

Alderman Anthony Beal and Tom Tunney, influential alderman in senior positions, have proposed red-light camera countdown clocks in the past and finally received mayoral support.

In announcing his endorsement, Emmanuel stated Id rather use technology to enforce traffic safety, as opposed to having law enforcement officials issue traffic tickets. Emmanuel argued that Chicago would be better off allocating its police officers to monitor and apprehend individuals who commit serious crimes.

Recently, the company that contracted with Chicago to provide red-light cameras become involved in a $2 million bribery scandal. The company was fired and Emmanuel has announced plans to meet with the new contractor on a weekly basis to prevent future fraud.

The Chicago Department of Transportation neglected its duties to oversee the red-light camera contractor that was recently fired. The Inspector General said the department exercised benign neglect when the company properly issued more than $7.7 million in fines.

The installation of the countdown clocks are projected to cost millions of dollars. However, the Mayor has not yet announced how the new initiative will be funded.

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