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Child trampolines and water bottles recalled amid safety concerns

Recalls of defective children’s products are common. Children are among the most vulnerable individuals to suffering serious personal injuries from poorly designed or manufactured consumer products such as toys or restraining devices. Two of the most recently recalled children’s products are toddler trampolines and children’s water bottles.

The children’s water bottles were sold at H&M stores. The bottles were manufactured in Italy and sold at H&M clothing stores with children’s departments. The bottles are pink plastic with blue specs and include flip-top lids. Consumer reports indicate that the bottle spout can break off and pose a choking hazard to children. The company received a report from England that a child’s bottle broke during normal use.

Another dangerous child product is Little Jumpers Trampolines. The toddler-sized trampolines were recalled this summer because the handlebar on the trampolines can become detached and create a fall hazard to toddlers. Fall hazards from even a 6-inch elevated child trampoline can be serious. Toddlers could land on their heads and suffer brain injuries that impact their future development and cause a lifetime of disability.

The Little Jumpers Trampoline which was recalled is the Alex model 786X. It was sold at toy stores earlier this year for around $100. The trampolines have product codes underneath their bar code. The recalled trampolines have the product codes: 1011-P0003070, 21011-P0003246, 25511-P0003071, 27811-P0003372, 29811-P0003373 and 34211-P0003375.

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