Corey Goldberg Featured In Leading Lawyers

The law offices of GWC Injury Lawyers proudly announce that our very own Corey B. Goldberg, son of founding partner Michael B. Goldberg, was recently featured in the Leading Lawyers publication.

Having been immersed in the industry from an early age and after seeing his father – renown injury attorney Michael Goldberg – in action at Illinois largest personal injury law firm, Corey decided to pursue a career in law and graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2006. Shortly after graduation, he joined the GWC team as an attorney in 2007.

When recently asked about what clarified his decision to follow in his fathers’ footsteps, Corey stated:

What I liked about this practice was how he helped people and he had relationships with his clients. I liked that type of law…”

He also added that majoring in advertising during his undergraduate career at the University of Illinois helped him identify and represent people who have been injured and are in need of assistance:

“I realized that, at least in this practice of law, there are two different avenues in it: the building of relationships which is also marketing yourself, marketing the law firm and also helping the people once you bring in the clients,

In a recent interview with Leading Lawyers, the senior Goldberg reflected on his sons decision to join him at Illinois’ largest personal injury and workers compensation law firm.

He has to work harder than anybody, Michael Goldberg says of his son. He has to learn how to be a lawyer, practice law, take care of clients, and do everything that I do to build the firm. He is working not one job and not two jobs, but probably three jobs.

Known for representing union employees throughout Illinois, GWC has built a strong foundation and even stronger reputation. The younger Goldberg says people have high expectations of him, and he looks forward to rising to the occasion.