Do I Have A Case If I Get Hit By A Falling Tree?

If you or someone you know is struck by a falling tree or branch, the owner or possessor of property upon which the tree sits may be liable for injuries or other damages caused.

The owner or possessor of land can be held liable for injuries caused by falling tree branches if they knew of a disease or structural weakness in the tree. The owner/possessor of land can also be held legally liable if they have knowledge of facts that would make an ordinarily prudent person perform an inspection into the health or integrity of the tree or branch.

GWC partner, Michael D. Fisher, is currently representing a laborer who was seriously injured when a dead tree branch fell 50 feet and struck him on the head while he was working on a residential construction project.

Fisher has been with GWC for almost 30 years and has represented numerous clients who have suffered serious personal injuries such as bone fractures, brain injuries, paralysis and wrongful death. Fisher and the attorneys and GWC specialize in personal injury cases including premises liability and construction site injuries.

If you or someone you know have been injured on another’s property, contact GWC as soon as possible so that conditions causing the branch to fall can be investigated and photographed.