Megabus Double-Decker Bus Crash In Illinois Leaves One Dead, Dozens Injured

A double-decker Megabus drove into a concrete structure that was part of an I-55 overpass as the bus was en route to St. Louis, leaving one person dead and over thirty people injured. The Illinois bus accident happened in close proximity to the town of Litchfield, Il. Around 1:20 PM on Thursday afternoon.

Reports have surfaced indicating that the cause of the accident was a tire blowout. While State Police have confirmed this suspicion, they are still investigating the circumstances of the accident in more detail. According to a statement made this morning by Megabus spokesman Amanda Byers, the bus involved in the crash passed its preventative maintenance testing within the past week and was manufactured in 2011 by Van Hool, a Belgium-based company.

Of the 64 passengers listed on the manifest, 33 of those passengers were taken to hospitals via ambulance and another 5 were flown to various hospitals via helicopter. The deceased passenger has been identified as Aditi R. Avhad, 24, a native of India and a dental student from the University of Missouri.

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