Auto Insurers Delay, Defend, and Deny Accident Victims’ Claims

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CNN ran a news segment about the all too common tactics of some of the large auto insurance companies like Allstate and State Farm when they are responsible for paying for medical bills and lost wages as a result of a car accident: delay, defend, and deny. This mantra perfectly describes the system that these insurance companies have set up in their continuing attempts to limit the amount of money they will have to pay to people who are injured due to run-of-the-mill car accidents.

Take, for example, the subject of the CNN piece: Roxanne Martinez. Ms. Martinez’s car was sideswiped in Santa Fe, New Mexico and, as a result, she incurred medical bills and lost wages upwards of $25,000. Allstate Insurance, the second largest auto insurer in the United States, insured the owner of the vehicle who hit Ms. Martinez’s car. As a result of the accident, Ms. Martinez incurred various medical bills for her treatment, which included undergoing diagnostic tests like x-rays and CAT scans as well as ongoing physical therapy.

When the time came for Allstate to compensate Ms. Martinez for these damages, Allstate offered her $15,000, or $10,000 less than the amount of money it would take to properly compensate her for her medical bills and lost wages alone. Allstate’s $15,000 “take it or leave it” offer would only cover a fraction of the total damages that Ms. Martinez sustained due to the accident, including property damage to her vehicle. However, Allstate made this offer in order to close out their file and get rid of Ms. Martinez’s claim as cheaply as possible.

According to an 18-month, nationwide investigation by CNN:

If you are injured in a minor accident, chances are high that [the two largest auto insurers in the country] would challenge your medical claims, offering you barely a fraction of your expenses. They would do it by forcing people into court, dragging out court cases for years, and by convincing the public it was all designed to fight growing fraud in the car accident business. But documents examined by CNN indicate the motive was profit, and Allstate has gone to great lengths to keep those documents secret.

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