Fatal Construction Accident on 63rd and Keeler

In a horrific construction site accident in Chicago, one construction worker was killed and an additional three workers were injured.

On Saturday Nov. 1, 2014, construction workers were working on a building at 63rd and Keeler. While the workers were still inside the building, it collapsed.

According to news reports, the workers were replacing the facade on top of the building for a new tenant.

While the workers were removing a small part of the facade, witnesses say the entire front of the building came crashing down.

Two of the four workers were critically wounded and immediately transported to Christ Hospital. One worker was pronounced dead on arrival and the second worker is listed in critical condition.

A third worker sustained minor injuries and was taken to Holy Cross Hospital while the fourth worker escaped with no injuries.

The names of the wounded workers have not been released, and the Building Department of Chicago and the Chicago Police are still determining the cause of the accident.

It seems that the construction workers did not have the necessary permits to work on the building, but there is no indication who will be held responsible yet.

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