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Five Killed in Eisenhower Expressway Wrong-Way Crashes

A total of five people were killed in two separate Eisenhower Expressway wrong-way crashes – one in Forest Park and the other in Chicago.

Eisenhower Expressway Wrong-Way Crashes End in Flames

The Eisenhower Expressway wrong-way crashes took place within thirty minutes of each other on the early morning of March 29, 2021. The first crash occurred in Forest Park at approximately 1:15 a.m. According to the Illinois State Police, a woman was driving a 2004 Honda sedan westbound in the eastbound lanes of the Eisenhower Expressway, near Des Plaines Avenue, when she crashed into an eastbound 2015 Infiniti sedan.

Both vehicles became engulfed in flames because of the force of the impact. The woman driving the Honda and the 21-year-old woman driving the Infiniti were killed in the collision. Additionally, a 26-year-old male passenger in the Infiniti was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The second of the Eisenhower Expressway wrong-way crashes occurred at approximately 1:39 a.m. near the Byrne Interchange in Chicago. A 2016 Land Rover was reportedly traveling west in the eastbound lanes of I-290, just east of the I-90/94 split, when it collided with a 2017 Ford Edge traveling east. The Ford Edge then lost control and spun out into the left lane, where it crashed into a Black Ford Escape. All three vehicles subsequently caught fire.

Three people were killed in the incident, including the driver of the Land Rover, the 51-year-old male driver of the Ford Edge, and a 24-year-old female passenger in the Ford Edge. The driver and two passengers of the Ford Escape, all of whom were Chicago women in their twenties, were treated at area hospitals for minor injuries.

Authorities have not yet released the identities of the victims of the Eisenhower Expressway wrong-way crashes.

Wrong-Way Crashes More Likely to Be Fatal

Wrong-way crashes, in which one vehicle collides with another while moving against the flow of traffic, are relatively rare. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, they account for only about three percent of all motor vehicle accidents. But while wrong-way collisions may be rare, they are more likely to be fatal than other types of traffic accidents, as in the case of the Eisenhower Expressway wrong-way crashes.

Each year in the United States, approximately 355 people are killed in car accidents caused by vehicles traveling in the wrong direction. For every fatal wrong-way crash, there are an average of 1.34 deaths, compared to 1.10 deaths for all other types of fatal traffic accidents – an increase of nearly 22 percent in the rate of mortality.

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