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General Motors Valet Mode Feature May Violate the Law

general-motors-valet-mode-feature-may-violate-the-lawGeneral Motors (GM) problems are not only recall-related; one of the company’s latest offerings has been reported to be illegal in at least one aspect.

General Motors highly anticipated sports vehicle, the 2015 Corvette comes equipped with a valet mode feature that records the occupants of the car when the driver turns the system on.

The feature is designed to ensure that valet drivers do not abuse the vehicle. The feature can record video, audio and data about the way in which the car was driven.

The criminal charges that accompany recording someone without their permission are very real. In Illinois, both parties have to be aware of and consent to the recording. If that is not the case, than the individual recording the conversation may land in jail.

In many states including Illinois, using valet mode may constitute a felony. Once GM became aware of this problem with the 2015 Corvette, the company sent a letter to all owners and dealers cautioning them with using the valet mode feature.

The company announced in the letter that it will be updating the feature via software and cautioned consumers to disable the feature until the receive notice that the update has been completed.

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