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Police Brutality In Chicago

In 2014 alone, the City of Chicago owed police brutality victims $100 million in lawsuit settlements. Police in Chicago have been videotaped viciously beating, strip-searching and stopping residents without cause.

Police misconduct cases in Chicago have also involved torture in order to get confessions from individuals whether they were guilty or not. Chicago Police are notorious for violating the civil and constitutional rights of Cook County residents.

The truth is that while only the most high-profile police brutality cases are discussed in the media, there are thousands of smaller incidents where civil and constitutional rights are violated.

Police brutality occurs when a police officer abuses his or her authority. Police misconduct can have violent and injurious implications. Police brutality occurs when:

  • Excessive use of force
  • Physical and psychological intimidation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Racial profiling

If you have been the victim of police brutality, you have legal rights that you must exercise. Do not be afraid to speak up. When your rights are violated by law enforcement officials, do not hesitate to call the fearless litigators at GWC Injury Lawyers. We will not back down from suing the city, county or state law enforcement officials who have violated your constitutional rights.

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