GWC Obtains Six-Figure Insurance Policy Limits for Grandmother

GWC attorney Jacqueline C. Hickey has obtained a settlement for full six-figure insurance policy limits for a grandmother who was injured in a Melrose Park car crash.

Serious Injury Sustained in Collision

GWC’s client and her grandson were in a vehicle that was at a complete stop on Butterfield Road in anticipation of making a left-hand turn onto Fairfield Avenue. At that time, a 26-year-old driver collided with the rear of the grandmother’s vehicle at a high rate of speed.

During the collision, the client’s seatbelt compressed her lower abdomen so sharply that she suffered a ruptured intestine, which required hospitalization and emergency surgical intervention.

Defense Tenders Full Limits Prior to Trial

The police who arrived at the scene ticketed the defendant for her failure to reduce her speed to avoid a crash. However, despite the evidence of the defendant’s responsibility for this collision and the immediate post-traumatic injuries sustained by the grandmother, the defendant’s insurance company refused to negotiate a settlement. In the face of this opposition, GWC called the insurance company’s bluff and quickly filed suit on behalf of the client.

Both sides scheduled a series of depositions to obtain sworn testimony from witnesses prior to trial. After only two depositions, however, the defense admitted defeat, thanks to Ms. Hickey’s extensive preparation and skillful questioning. The defendant’s insurance company agreed to settle the matter for the full six-figure policy limits – the maximum amount of financial compensation available for recovery from the at-fault party – within 24 hours of the two depositions.

“Far too often, insurance companies pursue a ‘Deny, Delay, and Don’t Pay’ strategy, hoping that injured people and their attorneys simply give up out of frustration – and sadly, many of them do,” Ms. Hickey explained. “But not GWC. When they deny and delay, we make them pay.”

Getting Car Accident Victims What They Deserve

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