GWC Attorney Maximizes Motorcyclist’s Injury Claim for $50,000.00 Policy Limits

Kate Kirwan Searls
Kate Kirwan Searls

GWC Injury Lawyers attorney Kate Kirwan Searls has maximized a settlement for an injured motorcyclist, from the insurance company’s initial offer of $9,165.00 to $50,000.00, the policy limits of the Defendant.

The motorcyclist had been struck by a man driving a Chevy Cobalt sedan who veered into his lane. As a result of the collision, he suffered multiple ligament tears of the right knee and had to undergo aspiration under general anesthesia. The motorcyclist’s physicians have also recommended future surgical correction for him.

Despite the more than $11,000.00 of medical treatment the motorcyclist received, however, and the likelihood of future surgery, the Defendant’s insurance carrier only offered him $9,165.00 to settle his claim.

“This offer, understandably, struck him as low, given all of his pain and suffering,” Ms. Kirwan Searls said, “so he called our office.”

Ms. Kirwan Searls took on the motorcyclist’s case. After extensive negotiation on the man’s behalf, she convinced the insurance company to tender the Defendant’s $50,000.00 policy, the maximum amount the company is contractually obligated to pay.

“He was thrilled with the end result and glad that he called our firm for a consultation on the initial, low offer,” Ms. Kirwan Searls added.