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GWC Maximizes Settlement for Cancer Survivor with Ruptured Breast Implant

Breast ImplantGWC Injury Lawyers attorney Louis Anthony Cairo has obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for a cancer survivor who suffered a ruptured breast implant as a result of a car accident. The settlement represents the maximum insurance policy limits on the vehicle that struck Mr. Cairo’s client.

Implant Ruptured in Car Crash

On October 28, 2015, Mr. Cairo’s client was traveling westbound in her vehicle on Higgins Road, approaching its intersection with Mall Drive in Schaumburg, IL. At that time, another vehicle was heading northbound on Mall Drive, approaching Higgins Road at an excessive rate of speed. The driver of the other vehicle negligently failed to yield the right of way and pulled directly in front of Mr. Cairo’s client’s vehicle, causing a violent collision.

As a result of the crash, Mr. Cairo’s client suffered a rupture of her right breast implant, which ultimately necessitated a replacement surgery.

“My client is a breast cancer survivor who has endured over four surgeries due to her cancer,” said Mr. Cairo, “so having to undergo another surgery to replace a breast implant that she had gotten because of her cancer was especially devastating to her. That devastation came through during my client’s deposition.”

Settlement for Maximum Policy Limits

In representing his client in this matter, Mr. Cairo was able to convey the full extent of her damages – physically and emotionally.

As a result of Mr. Cairo’s vigorous advocacy, the defendant’s insurance company agreed to settle the matter prior to trial for $250,000.00, representing the maximum insurance policy limits for the defendant.

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