GWC Reaches $100,000 Settlement With Chicago Park District

Timothy J. Keiser
Timothy J. Keiser

GWC Injury Lawyers attorney Timothy J. Keiser has obtained a $100,000 settlement with the Chicago Park District for a young girl who was injured at a playground on September 4, 2014. The Chicago Tribune recently reported on the settlement.

B’Nai Brown, who was three years old at the time, was at a playground in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood with her grandmother. She then fell and struck her forehead on a 14-inch metal spike with a jagged edge. B’Nai required five stitches, and she may need plastic surgery at a later date, according to Mr. Keiser.

Chicago Park District employees had removed previous playground equipment, but they left the spike in place in a highly-trafficked area of the park.

Though the Park District received notification of the spike within a month of the incident, they did not remove it until as late as January 2015.

“Illinois law provides the Park District immunity from most instances of regular negligence with respect to Park District property,” said Mr. Keiser. “However, the actions in this matter rose well above negligence and resulted in a serious injury to a very young girl.”

The Chicago Park District’s Board and a Probate Court approved the $100,000 settlement, which will go into a protected minor’s account until B’Nai turns 18. Funds may be withdrawn for medical expenses with court approval until that time.