GWC Wins Large Award for Boy with Facial Dog Bites

Kristina AierGWC Injury Lawyers attorney Kristina Aier recently obtained a $167,000.00 settlement for a young boy who suffered facial dog bites.

In 2012, Ms. Aier’s client, who was six years old at the time, was playing with his neighbor’s dog.  Suddenly, and without warning, the dog attacked the boy, biting him several times on the face.

“According to the Illinois Animal Control Act,” Ms. Aier said, “the owner of an animal is liable for any injuries it inflicts on somebody, provided that the animal attacked without provocation.  Our client had been petting the dog for several minutes, which Illinois law does not consider to be an act of provocation.”

Ms. Aier’s client suffered puncture wounds on the cheek, the jaw, and the chin.  His cuts were so severe that he had to have surgery to correct them.  To this day, he has permanent scars.

Because of this scarring on a highly visible area of her client’s body, Ms. Aier was able to obtain a settlement for $167,000, which is more than six times his medical bills.

The client’s funds have been placed in an annuity, which the client can access when he turns 18.

“He wants to use the money to go to college,” Ms. Aier said.