GWC Recovers for Woman Struck by Car in Own Living Room

attorney-bennett-j-baker-profileAttorney Bennett Baker recently settled a case for a woman who was injured in an incredibly unusual way: She was struck by a drunk driver while sitting in her own living room.

The Plaintiff was resting on her recliner when a heavily intoxicated driver swerved off of the main road and onto her lawn before crashing into the wall directly behind her, sending her flying across the living room and headfirst into the television. The driver was arrested, and the Plaintiff was treated for serious injuries, including hemorrhaging on the brain and loss of consciousness.

GWC Injury Lawyers received the full policy limits of $25,000.00 from the defendant’s liability insurance carrier.

Mr. Baker was also able to recover an additional $30,000.00 from The Lodge of Antioch, a bar where the defendant became intoxicated prior to the collision, through Illinois’s Dram Shop Act.

“According to Illinois law,” said Mr. Baker, “plaintiffs can seek damages against bars and restaurants where drivers got intoxicated prior to injuring them in auto accidents.

“It’s an additional form of recovery in these matters,” Mr. Baker added, “particularly when the defendants have low insurance policy limits, as was the case here.”

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