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Illinois Carpenter Injured

GWC Recovers for Severely Injured Union Carpenter

Illinois Carpenter InjuredGWC partner Michael D. Fisher has procured a $650,000.00 settlement for his client, a union carpenter, who tore the labrum of his left shoulder during the construction of a roof deck. GWC sued four separate entities, including the roof deck erector, the general contractor, and its subcontractors, for negligence.

“Our client had been hired by the general contractor in charge of the project to work as a carpenter,” Mr. Fisher explained.

At the time of this incident, the Plaintiff was framing out a parapet wall. A large piece of scrap corrugated decking material had been abandoned to “nest” on top of the area where the Plaintiff was supposed to be working, causing him to trip, fall, and tear his left shoulder.

The Plaintiff’s injuries were so severe that he had to undergo three separate surgical procedures and was unable to work for years.

“Our client is a carpenter,” added Mr. Fisher. “He has to do heavy lifting, sawing, and hammering all day. Obviously he couldn’t do any of that with a torn shoulder. How is he going to make a living?”

GWC was able to establish multiple levels of negligence by four separate parties in this matter, winning a combined total of $650,000.00 in settlements.

“The roof deck erector created the piece of scrap of scrap our client tripped on,” said Mr. Fisher. “Obviously they contributed a great deal to his injuries.

“Moreover, the general contractor and two separate subcontractors were in charge of the overall project. They had a responsibility to inspect the worksite, remove any debris or fix other hazards, and make sure the site is safe before letting our client perform work there.”

GWC proved that the Defendants failed to exercise “reasonable care,” and were therefore liable for the Plaintiff’s injuries according to Illinois state law.

Because the Plaintiff had been hired as an independent contractor, he was not bound by workers’ compensation law against the Defendants, which could have greatly reduced the amount of money he could have recovered.

“As you can see,” Mr. Fisher added, “in personal injury litigation, it’s hugely important to know who to pursue. There can be multiple parties responsible for your injuries, and if you don’t go after all of them, you’re potentially leaving money on the table. That’s why hiring an experienced attorney is so important.”

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