GWC Obtains $4,990,000 Settlement for Union Elevator Mechanic

GWC Injury Lawyer’s attorneys Michael D. FisherLawrence J. Amato, and Autumn K. Leslie obtained a $4,420,000 settlement, as well as a $570,000 waiver of the workers’ compensation lien, for an elevator union client who suffered an injured shoulder and spine in a construction accident on a commercial building project.

General Contractor Negligence Results In Elevator Mechanic Injury

GWC’s client, a union elevator mechanic apprentice working for a large elevator company, was installing an access key switch on an elevator in the lobby of a commercial building. At the same time, two carpenters working for a major Illinois general contractor were erecting cement boards along the wall of the elevator lobby. While GWC’s client was working within the elevator entrance, the carpenters began erecting a cement board directly adjacent to the elevator.  Unexpectedly, one of the carpenters lost his grip on the 4’ x 8’ cement board, causing it to rotate downwards and strike GWC’s client’s right wrist and forearm. As a result of being struck, our client twisted to his right violently, resulting in shoulder and spine injuries.

GWC filed suit against the general contractor arguing that the general was liable for the negligent actions of its employees in dropping the cement board. Additionally, GWC argued that the general contractor maintained a high level of control over all aspects of the project, including jobsite safety, scheduling, sequencing and coordinating the work on the project, yet failed to prevent multiple trades from working in close proximity to each other so as to prevent foreseeable injuries.

GWC Successfully Refutes Defense

The Defendant argued that the shoulder and cervical injuries sustained by GWC’s client were degenerative and predated the incident, which is a common argument made by defense counsel in construction cases where workers typically endure years of wear and tear on their bodies. Defendant also contended that the incident in question was simply NOT the type of incident that would be a recognized mechanism of injury that would support that type of injuries claimed by the Plaintiff. To contest the Defendant’s argument, GWC called upon Plaintiff’s own treating physicians who supported the mechanism of injury and refuted the Defense arguments.

Through extensive discovery, the GWC team persuaded the Defense team that the medical evidence would establish that its clients’ claim was legitimate and his injuries would be proven at trial. Despite multiple liability and four medical experts contesting Plaintiff’s case, GWC Injury Lawyers prevailed for another union worker and secured the justice that he and his family deserved.

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