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GWC’s Lawrence T. Ruder Interviewed on CBS 2 News

GWC Injury Lawyers partner Lawrence T. Ruder was featured on a recent CBS 2 Chicago news broadcast.

The segment, part of the program’s ongoing 2 Investigators feature, examined a troubling pattern within the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) of hiring and retaining bus drivers with checkered driving histories.  The CTA has reportedly resolved 45 personal injury claims involving its buses within the past ten years, costing the city more than $50 million in damages.

Mr. Ruder spoke to CBS about his own record-setting settlement with the CTA on behalf of Amy Koplin, a young woman who developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after a CTA bus driver crushed her feet.  Driver Ramona Spencer had multiple traffic violations on her personal driving record before the incident, including two that involved personal injury settlements totaling $55,000.00 and a DUI.

“That moment in time should have been when the CTA fired her on the spot. Instead, she continued to drive,” Mr. Ruder told CBS.

Mr. Ruder and GWC Managing Partner Louis C. Cairo settled Ms. Koplin’s case in April 2017 for $6,000,000.00, the largest settlement on record in Illinois for a case involving CRPS and the third largest settlement ever paid by the Chicago Transit Authority in a case involving an injured pedestrian.

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