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GWC’s Michael A. Knobloch Obtains $820k for Client Injured in Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle CrashGWC Injury Lawyers attorney Michael A. Knobloch recently obtained an $820,000.00 settlement for a client who was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in Sullivan, IL. The settlement was the largest on record in the history of Moultrie County, where the incident took place.

Motorcycle Crash

On June 21, 2016, Mr. Knobloch’s client was riding his motorcycle northbound on Main Street in Sullivan, IL. He had no controlling traffic signal. At that time, a woman was driving her car eastbound on George Street, at its intersection with Main Street, which was guarded by a stop sign. The woman disregarded the stop sign and proceeded into the intersection, colliding her car into the client’s motorcycle and pinning it beneath the vehicle, severely injuring our client.

The woman who struck Mr. Knobloch’s client was cited by responding police officers for her failure to yield the right of way at a stop sign.

Mangled Left Foot

As a result of this motorcycle crash, the client’s left foot was severely mangled with multiple fractures. At the hospital immediately following the incident, the client underwent emergency surgery in the form of irrigation and excisional debridement of the left forefoot/midfoot with intramedullary nailing. He also required the use of a wound vacuum on his left leg to prevent infection. Despite the wound vacuum, he underwent another irrigation and debridement and, later, plastic surgery to close several of his open wounds that failed to heal on their own.

Mr. Knobloch’s client was working a manufacturing line job at the time of the incident. His position required him to stand for the entirety of the work day, something that he could not do as a result of his extensive foot damage.

Umbrella Insurance Policy

Given the severity of his client’s injuries, Mr. Knobloch was able to obtain the full $250,000.00 liability policy that the driver of the car that struck him had on the vehicle. However, after an investigation, Mr. Knobloch was able to discover that the driver had additional insurance coverage through an umbrella policy purchased by her parents.

An umbrella insurance policy is an extra liability policy designed to protect a person from large liability claims. By tapping into the driver’s umbrella policy, Mr. Knobloch was able to negotiate an additional $570,000.00 for his client, for a total settlement of $820,000.00.

Motorcycle Accident Litigation

If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To schedule a free consultation with one of GWC Injury Lawyers’s motorcycle accident attorneys, call our office 24/7 at (312) 464-1234 or click here to chat with one of our representatives.